The Breakdown – Ep. 3 Vigilante

In this show, Omari Akil talks through the design of Vigilante, a superhero team building social deduction game designed by Reed Mascola. Check out this video so see how the design combines several well-loved mechanics into a game of deception discovery and destruction.

Kickstarter Campaign – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/paranoiarising/vigilante-0

Publisher Website – https://paranoiarising.com/

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The Breakdown – Ep. 2 Pavlov’s Dogs

In this show, Omari Akil dives into of Pavlov’s Dogs, a game that’s absolutely designed to put you to the test. Watch and learn more about the challenges of making a game out of a scientific experiment.
Pavlov’s Dogs was designed by Heather O’Neill of 9th Level Games – Adriel, Heather, Chris, & Dan.

Kickstarter Campaign

Publisher Website